Google is acquiring Mandient, a cyber security company known for exposing the SolarWinds hack. The deal is set to close later this year, with Google paying about $5.4 billion in cash.

Mandient will join Google Cloud, and the deal will help bolster Google’s cybersecurity arsenal. Here’s everything you need to know about Mandient and why Google is shelling out the cash to acquire a NASDAQ-listed company.

What is Mandient, and what does it do?

Mandient, Inc. is a publicly traded cyber security company founded in 2004. Mandient is well reputed in the cyber security field. One of its recent achievements is uncovering a sophisticated SolarWinds attack, in which nearly 18,000 customers downloaded software infected with malware; Fortunately, less than 100 customers were actually hacked as a result.

The company possesses intelligence skills and provides various services with an experience of 17 years. It specializes in Threat Detection & Intelligence, Automation & Response Tools, Testing & Validation, Managed Defense and also provides consultancy.

Why is Google buying Mandient

Google Cloud is a major player in the cloud, and the acquisition of Mandient underscores the importance of security in the cloud. As noted in a Google Press Corner, Thomas Kurian—the CEO of Google Cloud—says that the acquisition will “further enhance our security operations suite and advisory services, and help customers address their most critical security challenges.” ”

It is no secret that, over the years, security has become more important to governments, organizations and individuals alike. Attacks are getting sophisticated and serious day by day, and no industry is safe.

Mandient brings together over 600 security consultants and over 300 intelligence analysts to further strengthen Google’s cloud security team. The company says it will expand its offerings to support customers not only in their cloud environments, but also in their on-premises environments.

Additionally, Google Cloud says the deal will help system integrators, resellers and managed security service providers expand their offerings to customers.

The cloud security battle continues

Google’s $5.4 billion Mandiant deal is one of the company’s acquisitions to strengthen security in the cloud. The acquisition of Mandiant is the company’s second cyber security acquisition after the acquisition of Ciamplify in January 2022.

Both Google and its nemesis Microsoft have publicly pledged to spend more than $10 billion in cyber solutions over the next five years. Two of Microsoft’s most prominent acquisitions in the cybersecurity space in 2021 include CloudKnox, a specialist in cloud security, and ReFirm Lab, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) security.

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