Whether you’re in school, college, or working toward some other type of qualification, you’ll know how hard it can be to study. Sitting for hours on end and absorbing information can be both exhausting and exhausting, so it sometimes helps to have a few tools on hand.

This is where study apps can come to the rescue. So, what apps can you use to help you study and get organized?

1. Study Smarter

Study Smarter is a great app for those who are either looking for study resources or want to create their own unique study set. Study Smarter lets you select either your college or other institute and search for study flashcards created by them or any relevant flashcards created by other institutions that can help you.

You can even create your own study sets with flashcards and documents so you have a personal resource that you can go back to whenever you need to look up something. Study Smarter tells you how many days you’ve been studying continuously, and also shows you which related companies are hiring.

Study Smarter has a premium version, which you can access through a paid subscription or by inviting friends to the app. The premium version of the app allows you to study offline and avoid ads, but most of its features can be used with its free, standard version.

2. Mind

If you find that mind maps help you organize your information and study more easily, miMind might work well for you. This app lets you create your own mind map, and allows you to choose the layout, color and size that suits you. You can add your notes to each node on the mind map, and save your map to your device.

The app has a premium version, with which you can create an unlimited number of maps, export them, and save them to Dropbox or Google Drive so you can access them regardless of your location. It even lets you add YouTube videos to your mind maps as well as voice notes.

You can buy the premium version for less than ten dollars at a time, so you might want to consider this if you’re going to be using the app frequently.

3. Quiz

You must have already heard of Quizlet, as it is a hugely popular app for learning and studying. Quizlet is truly the one-stop-shop for all things education, with thousands of great resources to help you get the grades you want.

Using Quizlet, you can access flashcards and quizzes on the topic you are studying, so you can memorize definitions and facts efficiently. You can also read hundreds of different textbooks on different subjects. On top of that, Quizlet lets you create your own study sets and folders to store the relevant information you need to pass those exams.

The premium version of Quizlet has some handy features, including offline access, progress insights, expert explanations, and document scanning, all of which can come in handy during your educational journey. What’s more, it only costs a few dollars per month. But don’t worry, you can do a lot on Quizlet without paying a single cent.


If you’re having trouble finding documents that you can study or properly reference all of your sources when writing a paper, Studioku can be helpful. This app has a huge database of books, lecture material, summaries and tutorial work with which you can build your knowledge or supplement your essays. Just use the app’s search bar, and you can find any number of resources in your area.

StuDocu recommends documents that are related to your field of study and gives you favorite documents that you want to come back to later. The app is chock-full of resources specifically on the law, so if that’s what you’re currently reading then you’re in luck!

5. Milky

Finding it difficult to focus for more than five or ten minutes at a time? Milky can help you with this. The Milky App is designed to provide you with a time-bound study window of 25 minutes with five minute breaks using the innovative Pomodoro method. But you can change your study and break the windows if you want them to be shorter or longer.

Milky also lets you view the history of your study windows to see the progress you’ve made, and gives you three options with which you can categorize your windows (named “Study”, “Side Project”). and “Life”). You can also unlock additional features, such as the app’s leaderboard, by completing more study windows.

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