Microsoft Word may be the most widely used word processor, but Google Docs is also rapidly gaining popularity. Google Docs allows multiple users to edit the same document. Creating and saving documents online using Google Docs is also a more secure option than simply saving a copy on your computer.

Along with its regular features, Google Docs also supports several add-ons to help you format the document properly. These add-ons are found under the Add-ons menu option.

Here are some useful Google Docs add-ons that you can use to create professional documents.

1. Doctor Builder

This feature is used to create snippets and save custom styles. This means you can use it to insert snippets of text that you use regularly. Things like the structure you use to write a specific type of document or a Google Docs template make your life easier.

Use this add-on to set custom page size. Google Docs will ensure that the page size is maintained when exporting the document as a PDF.

3. Text Cleaner

This tool is used to remove any unnecessary formatting and clean up the text. If you select Clear formatting in Google Docs, it will remove all your formatting. On the other hand, Text Cleaner allows you to remove formatting only from the selected area. Line breaks and spaces are also removed.

4. Code Blocks

It can be used to add formatted code to your document. This feature is especially useful when you are writing code documentation and want other coders to comment on your work.

5. PDF Table Importer

This Google Docs add-on lets you import any PDF table directly into your document. So you don’t need to convert PDF files before copying the data.

6. Docs Paragraph Translation

As the name suggests, you can use this add-on to translate blocks of text in Google Docs. The Docs Paragraph Translate add-on supports most of the popular languages ​​like English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese, with more languages ​​expected to be added soon.

7. Icons for Slides and Docs

Even if you find the icon you want online, there’s a chance you’ll only find a low-quality image, so you might have a hard time trying to create a beautiful Google Document. Along with icons for slides and docs, you have access to over 5 million icons.

8. DocSecrets

A security application that allows you to use password protection on your document. Once you implement DocSecrets, only you and the people with whom you share the password will be able to access and add to certain parts of the document.

9. Read Aloud TTS

It is basically a text-to-speech application that you can use on your Google documents. For now, you can just use Read Aloud TTS to have the program read the text aloud to you. While this add-on is naturally very useful for blind users, it can also be used by regular users to stop staring at computer screens.

10. Lucidchart Diagram

Use Lucidchart to add all kinds of graphics to your document. This add-on can be a little difficult to get the hang of at first. While this makes the chart-making process easier, you’ll need to exit Google Docs to complete the chart.

create better documents online

With the help of these add-ons, you won’t need to go back to Microsoft Word to create your complete document and then upload it online so that your coworkers can view your work and add their input. Google Docs can now be used to create virtually any type of document that you can create using MS Word.

Add to that the other benefits offered by online document creation, and the scales start to tip in favor of Google Docs. Especially since you’re able to use Google Docs on your mobile device or sync with Google Keep, which enables note-taking, search, and tagging features.

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