The Shortcuts app on iOS is nothing short of a goldmine when it comes to quick and easy to use features you didn’t even know you needed. Among other useful options, a shortcut to schedule text messages on your device is one that can help you load up.

Let’s see how you can set up a shortcut to automatically send texts on your iPhone and the different ways you can use it.

How to set up text scheduling shortcuts

Adding and using shortcuts is easier than it sounds. Make sure you have the Shortcuts app on before you start, and then you follow these easy steps to set up a shortcut for scheduling text messages.

If you’ve never added automation before, you’ll need to tap the plus (+) icon. Otherwise, you will go straight to the next step.

Select Create Personal Automation.

A popup screen will appear with various automation options. You can choose any according to your favorable time, place or situation. For example, if you want to schedule texts for a specific time each day, you can select the time of day at the top. You can then customize the timing and press Next when you are done.

The first dialog box will say “Send Message” to the recipients. Tap Message in this sentence and type the message you want to send. Now tap Recipients and choose your preferred contact. Press Next when finished.

The final screen allows you to review the automation you have created. If you want to ask before the automation starts, keep the toggle on for Ask Before Running. If you want your text to be truly automatic, you should disable this option.

Tap Done after you finish the review. Your shortcut is now created. You can check it anytime under your Automation tab.

How to Delete or Disable Shortcuts

Let’s say you no longer want to send scheduled texts. You can easily remove the shortcut with just one swipe. If you want to pause scheduled texts for a while, you can disable them and save yourself the hassle of creating automations again in the near future.

What are the Different Options for Scheduling Texts?

There are certain criteria you can use to create an automatic shortcut for scheduled text. You can choose to send a text based on the time of day or the time of arrival or departure in a specific location. An example of using this might be to send a message when you leave work or go home to let your family know where you are.

In addition to time and location, you can also choose to send texts based only on the focus mode enabled, such as Do Not Disturb or Driving. Other options include Wi-Fi connectivity, when Low Power Mode is turned on or off, and at various battery levels.

You can schedule the text to be sent daily, weekly or monthly for some options and select a time frame for others. Each automation can be customized in completely different ways and has been elaborately elaborated to facilitate you in the best possible way.

This Shortcut Makes Texting So Easier

Scheduling texts takes your texting game to the next level, and you’ll never forget to send regular texts again. To schedule text messages, all you need to do is have the Shortcuts app installed on your device.

You can schedule text messages by time, location, event, event, and even whether features are enabled or disabled. You just need to add a new automation and customize it.

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