As part of Microsoft’s efforts to continuously improve the Xbox platform, the team has announced a number of easy changes to the Xbox Series X/S dashboard and controller that are currently underway.

Pin multiple games for a quick resume

Quick Resume is an excellent Xbox feature that lets you jump between games and pick up where you left off without needing to start over and deal with the associated loading times.

With Microsoft’s March 2022 Xbox update, as detailed on Xbox Wire, you can now pin up to two games in Quick Resume. This means these games will never be out of quick resume rotation unless you remove them manually or game updates – perfect for games you play regularly that usually Takes an eternity to launch.

Remap the Xbox Controller Share Button

The other new feature is the ability to remap the share button on the Xbox wireless controller. By default, the Share button takes a screenshot of the video with a tap or hold.

Now, you can remap that button to do something else, like open search, launch your friend list, or browse through your achievements. If you rarely capture screenshots and videos, it’s great that you can now assign the share button to something more useful.

Microsoft notes that “Elite Series 2 Controllers, Xbox Adaptive Controllers, and other devices also have some new actions,” which you can browse through in the Xbox Accessories app.

Additionally, new controller firmware is available that improves Bluetooth performance, among other improvements.

Guided HDMI Audio Setup

Finally, there is now a guided setup wizard for HDMI audio devices that walks you through the various steps to ensure that your speakers are connected and configured correctly for your needs. You can access it through General > Volume and Audio Output > Audio Setup.

keep your console updated

It’s best to let your console install updates automatically, so you can take advantage of the latest features and security features. On your Xbox Series X/S, check for updates through Profile and System > Settings > System > Updates.

To update your Xbox controller on PC, use the Xbox Accessories app. If you don’t already have it, you can get it from the Microsoft Store.

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