The Disney+ account is designed to be shared with others because you can have up to seven different profiles. This means that family, loved ones and friends can split the use of one account, and each profile can have different content filters, watchlists, etc.

But what happens when you want to recover your Disney+ account and block other people from logging in? We are going to tell you in detail about the various steps that you need to take.

1. Change your password

First you’ll need to change your Disney+ password. If you keep the same password, people can continue to log in freely without your permission; They could also give passwords to others.

It sends a one-time passcode to your email. Enter it in the required field. The passcode is single use and expires after 15 minutes, so don’t delay.

Enter your password. Make it different from your old password—for example, don’t just add a single character at the end.

Should you change your email?

Hopefully you haven’t even shared access to your email address. If for some reason you have, change the password for that too. Optionally, you can change the email address associated with your Disney+ account; You can do this in the same place where you changed your password.

2. Log out of all devices

Changing your password is an important first step because it prevents new people from signing in. However, this does not kick people out if they are already logged in. As such, the next step is to log out of Disney+ on all your devices. ,

Disappointingly, Disney+ doesn’t provide a list of all the devices your account is logged into, nor does it provide any type of activity log. All you can do is log out of each device at once, then manually log in to the devices you want to retain.

You will be logged out immediately from the device you are using, but it can take up to four hours to log out from other devices.

3. Delete Profile

You have now secured your account so that no one else can log in or log back in. The final step is a bit of housekeeping to remove the profile from your Disney+ account that you no longer need.

If you decide to re-share your account with someone, it’s easy to add another profile to Disney+ in the future.

Keep Your Disney+ Account Safe

You should be very careful about who you share your Disney+ account with. While it’s reasonable for everyone in your household to use the same account, you shouldn’t give out passwords to friends and family.

That’s because it’s easy for that password to fall into the wrong hands—even unintentionally, perhaps if someone falls for a phishing scam. This exposes your personal data and potentially hacking accounts you have held elsewhere.

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