With headers and footers, you can add additional information to your Excel worksheets that stays the same throughout the workbook. This can be a page number, an image, or custom text that you want to appear on all pages.

Microsoft Excel makes adding headers and footers a snap. We will show you how.

How to Add Headers and Footers in Microsoft Excel?

The above steps will add header and footer to the excel sheet. The header and footer are only displayed when viewing the page layout. To return to the original view, go to View > Normal. You can switch between these two views at any time.

Password-protecting your Excel documents is extremely important when sharing them with others. If you don’t know how to do that, check out our article on how to password protect an Excel file in just a few minutes.

Easily Add Headers and Footers in Microsoft Excel

You can add headers and footers to an Excel worksheet with a few clicks. You can also customize them according to you. The presets you use in the header and footer are dynamic, so the changes will automatically be reflected in the margins whenever you make changes to the worksheet.

Whenever you accidentally close an Excel workbook, you should know that you can quickly restore it. So don’t be upset when this happens.

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