Jump lists are lists of recently opened files for software that you can view in Windows 11 by right-clicking on their taskbar icon. You can choose to open the files included in the jump list. A jump list in Windows 11 displays up to 13 file items.

Windows 7 includes an option to change the number of file items included in the jump list. However, Windows 11 doesn’t have that built-in setting. Even so, you can still increase the number of file items included in Microsoft’s latest desktop platform with one of these two different methods.

How to increase the number of jump list items by editing the registry?

The registry is a database of Windows configuration settings. For this method, you will need to manually edit the registry to add a new DWORD to account for the change in the number of jump list items. This relatively simple registry tweak only takes a few minutes to apply. You can increase the number of jump list items with Registry Editor as follows.

That’s it, now go and check out the extended jump lists of Windows 11. Open a software window, and then right-click on its taskbar icon. Unless you’ve recently opened more than 13 files with the software, you’ll notice that its jump list includes more items on it.

To restore the default number of maximum jump list items, reopen the Advanced key in Registry Editor. Right-click on the JumpListItems_Maximum DWORD you added earlier and select Delete. Click Yes to confirm the action.

How to Increase the Number of Jump List Items With Winaero Tweaker

If you prefer not to edit the registry yourself, you can increase the number of jump list items with Vinero Tweaker instead. Winaero Tweaker is third-party software that includes a plethora of customization settings for Windows 11/10. It has a File Explorer option to change the number of jump list items. This is how you can expand jump lists with Winaro Tweaker.

Windows 11’s jump list will include the number of items you set with Winero Tweaker’s Change Jump List Item Number option. Right-click an icon on your taskbar to see an expanded jump list of it. You can always restore the original default number by dragging the bar slider of that option back to the 13 mark.

Expand Jump Lists in Windows 11

Expanding Jump Lists will enable you to select recently opened files for the software from the taskbar. The bigger your jump lists, the more automatic shortcuts you have to open files. Such shortcuts can save you a lot of time manually searching for and opening files (or webpages for the browser) within Windows 11 software.

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