While Disney+ has tons of great movies and TV shows to keep you busy, the streaming service is also constantly adding new content. Whether it’s the latest Pixar animation, 20th century movies, or Marvel TV shows, Disney+ offers something for everyone. The trouble is, keeping up with new arrivals isn’t always easy.

To help you keep track of all the great content coming to Disney+, we’ve put together this guide listing all the ways to find out what’s new and coming soon to Disney+.

1. Browse the “New to Disney+” line

The most obvious way to see the latest Disney+ content is on its homepage. No matter what device you’re on, whether it’s a smart TV, mobile or desktop, you should check out the new To Disney+ line.

The tiles here highlight new movies and TV shows (or new seasons). Normally, the farthest ones arrived recently on Disney+, although strictly speaking the row is not in date order. As you scroll further you will notice that older content is mixed in to encourage you to keep watching.

You should also notice the scrolling banner at the top of the homepage, which also highlights new content. New episodes of a TV show are featured here, so don’t be surprised if you see the same show airing through the end of the week. Conveniently, these banners tell you when the next episode will be out.

Disney+ also has a coming soon line, which you’ll find at about line thirteen (the position may vary). It displays a selection of upcoming content in the near and not-so-distant future. This line isn’t an exhaustive list of everything coming soon, but it does give a good representation of what to expect from the various Disney brands.

If there’s something you like, you might want to add it to your Disney+ watchlist. To do this, select the plus icon while viewing the full description of the movie/show. While Disney+ isn’t great at notifying you when something launches, this way you can put it on your watchlist so you don’t forget about it until it’s released.

2. Follow Disney+ on Social Media

If you use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you should follow Disney+ to stay updated not only with what’s new in the service, but also with what’s to come.

You can follow Disney+ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Because Disney+ content can vary per region, you may want to follow a local account as well. Facebook will automatically default to your local version, while others will have to be explored for you. For example, there are @DisneyPlusUK and @DisneyPlusNL on Twitter and @DisneyPlusNZ and @DisneyPlusAU on Instagram.

Some Disney+ shows have separate social media accounts, such as @ObiWanKenobi on Twitter for the Star Wars spin-off. You don’t have to follow these, unless you’re only interested in exclusive content on Disney+.

3. Bookmark What’s on Disney Plus

There’s an entire site dedicated to reporting Disney+ news and keeping an eye on what’s new and upcoming. Aptly named, it’s called What’s on Disney Plus, and it’s worth bookmarking.

From the top menu of the site, the relevant options are What’s New On Disney+ and Coming Soon to Disney+. Hover over these and you can select your region. From there, scroll through the feed to see movies and shows at a glance; If you’d like more information, such as a synopsis or trailer, click through.

There’s also the What’s On Disney Plus YouTube channel, which features daily video uploads along with the latest Disney+ trailers and news—a great way to keep track of Disney+’s schedule straight from your YouTube feed.

Other websites like Variety, Decider, and Vulture also offer a similar round-up of upcoming monthly schedules for Disney+. If you Google “what’s new on Disney+” at the beginning of every month, you’ll find articles that list schedules.

4. Track on JustWatch

JustWatch is a website that helps you check out what’s available to stream on services like Disney+. It also has an app for Android and iOS, along with some smart TVs.

Just go to the new section on JustWatch, then toggle off Disney+. It shows you everything new on Disney+, separated by date. For example, if you’re only interested in family-friendly adventure movies, you can filter by content type, genre, age rating, IMDb rating, and more.

JustWatch is available in over 80 countries, so the content listed will automatically reflect your local Disney+ region.

If you select a show or movie from the timeline, you’ll see more details about it, as well as a direct link to start watching on Disney+ right away. You can also track a show if you want to get updates when new episodes or seasons arrive.

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