Unfortunately, no computer or phone lasts forever. All devices eventually stop receiving updates, so it’s smart to know when your devices will “expire” so you can plan accordingly.

Below, we explain how to check when a Chromebook will stop receiving updates, whether you have a Chromebook or are thinking of buying one.

How to Check Your Chromebook’s Expiration Date

If you have a Chromebook and want to see how long it will take for updates, you can do so on your device. To do this, click the Time & Battery icon in the bottom right, then click the Settings gear. On the resulting window, click About Chrome OS on the left, followed by Additional details.

Here, you will see a field named Update Schedule. It tells you when your Chromebook will stop receiving updates, such as “This Chromebook will receive automatic software and security updates for [month/year].”

If this date passes, you’ll see a date when your Chromebook will stop receiving updates. If this is the case with you, you should replace your Chromebook as soon as possible.

How to Check the End of Life Date for Any Chromebook

Google maintains a list of auto update expiration (AUE) dates for each Chromebook model on its Auto Update Policy page. It’s buried on an enterprise and education support resource, so it’s easy for ordinary consumers to miss.

To see how long a given Chromebook will last, use the list to search by model by manufacturer. The model number should be easily found on a Chromebook’s product listing page at any online retailer, though be aware that some manufacturers use the same name for multiple Chromebook models.

For example, Acer has several devices sold under the name Chromebook 11. These vary by model number, so it is important that you check for the correct device. If the model number is not listed in the item’s title, search the listing page for “Item Model Number” or similar.

In this example, we can see that Acer’s CB314-1H Chromebook will get the update by June 2027. Five years of use is solid for such a cheap device, so it would be a good buy. If you find that your Chromebook is about to expire in the next year or two, avoid buying it. Your money is better spent on a new model that will last longer.

Length of life varies by Chromebook. For some models starting in 2020, Google now offers about eight years of support, which is excellent — it’s on par with what you can expect from a MacBook. However, this is not the case for all Chromebooks.

Keep in mind that these dates are based on the release of a model. You might be surprised that some Chromebooks currently for sale are several years old.

Dangers of Unsupported Chromebooks

While Chromebook updates can bring great new Chrome OS features, they are more important than applying security patches. Once your Chromebook has passed its AUE date, Google won’t fix any problems you may have with the browser.

Since we do so much in browsers nowadays, a security hole can have huge consequences. You can’t install an alternate browser on another unsupported OS, so there are a few options after your Chromebook expires.

The Chromebook won’t stop working after its AUE, so you can continue to use it for a short time if you need to. But you should get a brand new Chromebook once it’s enabled. By knowing when your Chromebook will stop receiving updates, you can plan for it.

Know when your Chromebook will expire

It’s easy to see when a Chromebook will stop receiving important security updates from Google. Use this information to know when you’ll need a new Chromebook, or to avoid buying a device that doesn’t have much life left. Google can’t support devices forever, so it’s prudent to have a clear lifecycle policy.

If you’re planning on keeping your current Chromebook for a while, small fixes like upgrading the storage can help you hold off.

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