Although Google Chrome lets you mute tabs individually, you can’t lower the volume of a tab in Chrome. But, there are instances where you may want to adjust the tab volume.

Luckily, there is a way to do this with a Chrome extension or by using the Windows Sound Mixer options. Let us discuss them in detail.

How to Adjust Tab Volume in Chrome With Volume Controls

The extension we will use to lower the tab volume is Volume Control for Google Chrome. This is a free extension available on the Chrome Web Store with over 80,000 downloads. There are other similar extensions like Volume Master.

But, Volume Control for Google Chrome offers the best set of features and better controls.

The extension lets you set the volume from 0% to 600%. Apart from this, you can also enable dark mode.

Volume Control for Google Chrome can come in handy when you want to play music in the background or listen to multiple audios at the same time. Since this extension can also increase the volume, you can use it to control the volume of YouTube videos.

How to Adjust Tab Volume Using Different Browsers and Windows Sound Mixer

Sound Mixer is one of many ways to control sound in Windows. This allows us to individually adjust the volume of different applications.

Instead of controlling the audio of tabs in Chrome, you can play different sources of audio in different browsers. Then, you can adjust the volume of each browser using Windows Sound Mixer.

First, play all the audio you want to listen to on different browsers. Then, search for Sound Mixer in the Windows search box and open it. From here you can adjust the volume of the browser.

While it doesn’t have a way to control Chrome tab volume, it still lets you adjust volume and mix different sounds.

Control the Volume of Chrome Tabs Individually

Whether you want to listen to multiple sources of audio at once or want to increase the volume, the Volume Control for Google Chrome extension can help you.

You can also use the sound mixer in Windows to achieve this, although you’ll need multiple browsers. Controlling the volume of various sounds is easy enough, no matter which route you take.

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