Taking a digital detox is a healthy way to escape the world of screens for a while and refocus. Somewhat paradoxically, blocker and detox apps can help you unplug and track your downtime.

These apps still give you some degree of control over your phone and its contents, as turning off your phone completely isn’t always an option. Here’s a roundup of apps designed to help you step away from technology sometimes.

1. Offtime

Block select apps or incoming calls with OFFTIME. Set the timer for a few minutes or hours, then just spend your day with fewer distractions from your phone. You can also create daily schedules in OFFTIME to block out certain hours of the day for relaxation, so you can enjoy hanging out with friends, family or by yourself.

Meanwhile, the call-blocking feature allows you to choose which contacts can and cannot contact you during offtime. This ensures that you will still be available to make important calls, so it is more of a call screening feature.

Playing with your phone during the set OFFTIME hours will yield some warning notifications, and you will lose that block of OFFTIME. A stats feature tracks the amount of screen-free time you’ve racked up so you can keep track over time.

2. Digital Detox

Packed with accountability features, the digital detox app is for those serious enough to break their screen habits. To raise the stakes, when you try to cut down on phone usage, the app asks you to put a little money on the line.

Multiple challenge settings help you easily detox your phone. For example, the easy challenge asks you to leave your phone on for 2 hours, while the hard challenge lasts all day.

Leaving a challenge early will cost you $0.99. And since the app uses Android device administrator permission, you can’t easily uninstall it to get out of detox quickly. This app means business.

The app simplifies the experience: You earn points for completing your detox challenges. Earn achievements along the way, check out the leader board, and challenge friends to join the competition.

3. Digital Detox Dragons

Another app that makes your phone-free experience easier is Digital Detox Dragons. By combining your screen-free time with a Dungeons & Dragons-style game, you can break your phone addiction while fighting enemies.

Successfully staying away from your phone for a specified period of time helps you earn experience points. For example, 25 minutes of screen-free time gives you 5 experience points.

Spend more minutes than your phone to level up quickly and inflict more damage on your enemies (ie dragons).

For a totally original way to help reduce your screen usage, try your luck at Digital Detox Dragons.

4. Minimal Phone

If your smartphone is pretty flashy, but you’re not quite sold on switching to a dumbphone, this app is the ideal way to get the best of both worlds. By minimizing the features of your smartphone, the Minimal Phone app encourages you to at least access your device.

The app strips the icons to their bright colors, displaying them only as text links. A timed reminder will interrupt your social media browsing, reminding you to stop the endless scrolling. Notifications are stored for later viewing.

With this app installed, your home screen will become a simple black and white interface. Simple features let you swipe up to make calls, access the clock function, search, or view notifications. You won’t miss anything, but the phone is noticeably less cluttered and attention-grabbing.

With over 100,000 downloads, Minimal Phone is a popular app that helps you live in the moment. Anyone interested in using online tools to be more minimalist will appreciate this simple app.

5. Offscreen

By providing a visual representation of your screen time usage, Offscreen helps you become more aware of your scrolling.

Get instant access to your tracked data, such as number of pickups, average usage minutes, and even time spent using your phone while on the go. At least, remembering to put your phone away when you’re on the go is easier than using a robotic eye to help prevent walking and texting collisions.

You can keep track of your best phone detox records offscreen. In general, this app can help you become more aware of your scrolling habits and learn to enjoy more screen-free time.

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