Google’s Chrome mobile browser is one of the most robust and feature-packed web browsers available. Chrome’s development team often brainstorms dozens of exciting new features.

Unfortunately, some of these features—as useful as they may be—fly under the radar, with only a small number of users getting to find them. We’ve put together four useful features on the Chrome mobile browser that you probably aren’t taking advantage of.

1. Create a Color Card from the Highlighted Text

While browsing the web, it’s easy to encounter beautiful quotes you’d love to share. Or maybe a paragraph from a webpage you link to and want to save for later. With Chrome’s Stylized Highlight feature, you can create beautiful and colorful cards by highlighting your favorite text on any webpage.

From quotes from your favorite authors to cringe-worthy lines from TV shows, you can make an image card out of almost any text on the Internet. To make cards on Chrome for Android.

2. Create and share links to text snippets

When you come across a web page that contains something interesting, you will often share the link. However, sometimes, it’s just a few lines or paragraphs that you really want people to read instead of the entire page.

Chrome has a feature to help you do this. With the Link to Highlight feature, you can link directly to a piece of highlighted text. This feature lets you share links to a web page that emphasizes that particular word, phrase or paragraph that you want users of the link to notice.

It’s just like the old “Search in Page” feature but with built in shareable links. Anyone using a recent Chrome version can go directly to the highlighted text by simply clicking on the link.

3. Force Dark Mode

Chrome mobile browser for Android comes with a dark theme which can be very useful at night. It reduces the strain on your eyes while navigating web pages. You can assess this feature through the Settings page.

But no, the dark mode we are talking about here is not there. Chrome’s default dark mode comes with a lot of not-so-dark interfaces. Although most browser features will be rendered in dark colors, the actual content of web pages is usually left untouched. This invalidates the whole idea of ​​using dark mode.

Luckily, Chrome also has a more useful Dark Mode feature hidden among dozens of experimental features. With the Force Dark Mode feature, you can have Chrome render every web content in true dark mode. So, instead of reading your favorite websites with white background at night, you will get a deeply soothing background which is easy on the eyes.

You can play with each option to see what it looks like. However, if you are not sure how each option works, you can just choose Enable from the available options and go ahead with it.

And don’t forget, you can use dark mode in lots of other Android apps too.

4. Speed ​​Up Downloads Using Parallel Downloading

Chrome is a very fast internet browser. With a fast internet connection, you will be pleased with the download speed you get. However, for those other times when your Internet speed isn’t at its best, you can still get great download speeds by activating a relatively obscure experimental feature called Parallel Downloading.

The level of speed improvement varies, but you can cut your download duration to half the normal time. No—just in case you’re wondering—your internet speed doesn’t need to be slow before you can take advantage of this feature.

If you have fast internet speeds, Chrome’s parallel downloading feature can make your downloads even faster. It achieves this by creating multiple connections to the file download source to speed up data retrieval.

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