Getting your business off the ground can cost you thousands of dollars. Before you think about adding stock, paying your employees, finding office space, and everything else.

In the modern age, you need the right software, and there are literally thousands of SaaS companies vying for your startup dollars. But did you know that Google Sheets can do most (if not all) of the tasks that these expensive programs can do? It’s also free.

Read on to learn how Google Sheets can be the best software to breathe life into your new business.

1. Google Sheets is the King of Collaboration

Other spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel may have more functions and features than Google Sheets, but they don’t come close to the basic collaborative features in Sheets.

Even if you are a solo startup, there will come a time when you will have to share data with investors, freelancers, tax agents or lawyers. So, doesn’t it make sense to have easily shareable spreadsheets ready to go?

Protect data while collaborating on team sheets

To illustrate the powerful collaboration features of Google Sheets, let’s look at a potential downside of collaboration: unwanted changes to data by team members. You can prevent this from happening by saving the range or sheet from editing.

Google Meet and Gmail Chat

It’s not just the sheets themselves that it’s great to collaborate with. Seamless integration with other Google Apps makes it perfect for delivering online presentations.

Let’s say you have an important meeting with a client or potential investor, and you need to show them data to back up your statements. You can do this by loading your spreadsheet directly into a Google Meet call.

Just make sure you use all the features Google Sheets has to make your data digestible first. It would be good practice to use charts, pivot tables and conditional formatting to make your raw data interpretable at a glance.

2. Templates Save Time and Money

If you’re a little inexperienced with working with spreadsheets, it’s easy to see all the features and functions in Google Sheets and get overwhelmed. But, most of the time, there is an existing template online that you can use. You don’t even have to understand how each formula works and just punch your numbers.

Once you become a little more familiar with the program, you can even create your own templates so that they fit your exact needs.

3. You can create an easy to read dashboard

As discussed earlier, it is important for collaborative work to make the raw data digestible. It also makes it easy to make accurate forecasts for the future of your business.

SaaS companies are aware of this, and many of them charge thousands of dollars for specialized software that can take care of it. Still, Google Sheets can do it for free.

To build a simple dashboard yourself, you need to drag the data from Sheet 2 into tables and graphs on Sheet 1. Of course, if that sounds a bit daunting, you can always opt for templates instead.

There are a few templates available in the Google Sheets template library.

You can also create a dashboard that pertains to each data source saved in a spreadsheet on your Google Drive. Then, simply import the data into your new sheet and format it accordingly.

4. You can access your data anywhere and anytime

Many of us start our own business to avoid the 9-5 rat race. Only to find out that we have to work more hours. This is especially true when the company is in its infancy.

While getting your business off the ground, you may find that you have to track data when you weren’t expecting it. So having all your spreadsheets on the cloud can be a blessing.

Here’s a simple example of how it can help.

Let’s say one of your employees calls and says they need to make changes to the safe category on the spreadsheet you created. You think about it and realize they are right.

The only problem is that you are out with your family and you don’t have a computer. Now, employee loses time not working on data entry. You can jump on your phone for a few seconds and change permissions from anywhere.

A similar scenario can arise when you need to make quick changes before a meeting. Whatever the case, cloud computing is the future, especially for growing businesses.

Maximize Your Company’s Potential with Google Sheets

Using these four Google Sheets features will help get your business off to a good start. But, that’s just a small taste of what those programs can do for you. Be sure to check out our other Google Sheets tutorials to expand on what you’ve already learned and keep learning as your business grows.

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